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BSMART Coaching provides you with tools to elevate the quality of your communication with your team. 

Meet Smart Feedback Cards

Elevate the Quality of Your Meetings

Meetings can become routine and void of real communication. Often meetings become a data dump or a to-do list review. 

Your employee's possess valuable information about the health of your relationship, the department, company and their level of engagement. The problem is that managers seldom ask questions that provide valuable information. 

  • Meet Smart feedback cards arm manager's with a thoughtful tool that opens the door to deeper levels of communication and accountability.

  • Thoughtfully crafted statement and question cards require participants to complete the statement with their truths and insights. Question cards evoke deeper, thoughtful reflection that will alert you to issues, strengths and opportunities for growth. 

  • Meet with up to three members of your team (2-4 participants). Here's the twist! Manager’s participate too! When managers are transparent so are their teams.

54 Feedback card deck consists of: 

  • 25 Statement cards (Participant finishes the statement).

  • 25 Question cards (Participant answers the question).

  • 4 Pass cards “I don’t feel comfortable answering that.” 

NOTE TO MANAGER (VALUE ADD): With the purchase of the Meet Smart feedback cards you will have access to an online complimentary pre and post-meeting preparation resource to help you maximize your meeting experience. Take advantage of this invaluable resource to help you avoid mistakes that erode trust and close the door to real communication. 


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What critical conversations are you not having with your staff? What you don't know might cost you in turnover, disengagement and poor productivity. 



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